Rafal Michalski, DSc, PhD, Eng, Wroclaw, Poland
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Bibliometrics (2017-05-05)
Other publications:
Other than JCR peer reviewed journal articles: 8
Chapters in monographs: 31
Conference articles indexed in Web of Science: 10
Other conference articles: 11
Books: 2
Monographs' editor: 3
Technical reports: 32
Overall Citations (without autocitations): 98
Citations of art. from JCR by art. from JCR (without autocitations): 24
Citations of art. from JCR by other art.: 55
Citations of other art. by articles from JCR: 3
Citations of other art. by other art.: 16
Hirsch indices
Overall (Google Scholar): 5
Scopus: 4
Based on JCR and WoS: 3

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